Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wat Phra That Lampang Luang "Amazing in thailand'

Wat Phra That Lampang Luang. temple of Lampang is invaluable since ancient times. According to legend, had come since the Queen Chamadevi. Around the temple late 20th century wood is one of the most complete in Thailand. With many beautiful old architecture.
• Phra That Lampang Luang. This is the year of the birth year of the Ox also started and completed within one year of the Ox Year of the Ox in the database and a marble lotus. The body is outside the sphere of Lanna style. Ko Chang lined with gold. Chat with a gold medal in total, it is a model carved relief patterns Prahmiam different. This was the pagoda style to influence the elements given Hri great Chai. Chom Thong and Phra That. Holy Pagoda containing hair and bone of his element as a right ass k. Prof. King front and rear. The fence around the relics of the bullet-riddled body turned brass at Tao Nan Thip Chang Mahayot listed.
• Grand Luang temple built on 2019 census with thee ten thousand words Castle Gold is a pavilion within the shrine Chao Lan Thong. Return to the Lord Buddha on the panel, both instantaneous cork are old paintings and beautiful story Dschaei Pornhamhekorn.
• Temple of the Buddha does not seem to create when and who is the author. About the age, the temple, but not less than 700 years is open to a flower color glass golden Buddha is enshrined in the big brick buildings Mara Buddha full of art T Opoona ื Saen. It also appears in the relics of the temple of shadow as well.
• Temple Temple water points or paintings ("Points", painting) to build a chapel on the census of 2044, the oldest open again after the North. In the form of beautiful Thai architecture. No ceiling. Buddha mural designs in gold on a red love. Lanna art with paintings on wood panel, said second oldest neck and left alone in Thailand Age from 21 years to come, but unconscious of most of the paintings in progress. images of Buddha and Mara Camp Seminar hybrid tower 1.25 meters high, 1.25 m wide.
• Sum His family created the Buddha. Create the building base layer pagoda on the 1992 base for the light appears as shadows and relics in the temple, thought But there is no prohibition for women until to
• glass booth the Emerald Buddha is enshrined. Which does not seem to create and build on About the age, but not less than 400 years
• Stone Temple God. God is inscribed in a stone Buddha, the oldest city in the year 1275 Lavo at the Princess's father gave Chamadevi enshrined here
• Museum collection of art objects from various rarely seen Seongeced Hrnrnamrsnt The container beams perform the Scriptures and so forth.
• In addition, Wat Phra That Lampang Luang is also dedicated. "Phra Kaeo Don Tao" (the Emerald Buddha), Buddha images emerge from Lampang. Meditation is the Buddha. Lanna art carved by jade green Each year, will feature worship Phra Kaeo Don Tao in the 12th lunar month, visitors can visit the Wat Phra That Lampang Luang is between 7:30 to 5:00 p.m. am
• Travel Wat Phra That Lampang Luang is located in Lampang Luang district. From Lampang town about 18 km from the highway in Lampang - high to make the main 586 km in the district of Ko Kha. Then turn right and another 2 miles to the junction for 1 mile.
• If traveling by car can use a blue minibus near Market Street Robvieng savings.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Phromthep charm. To write about how elegant it would be pointless.

Prom Thep Cape is a place regarded as one of the romantic island of Phuket. Many couples are often invited to sit and watch the sunset together. Immerse yourself in the atmosphere. Evening overlooking the waves away. Fried feelings and emotions to leave the sparkling sea, a long-Heaven is a large stage. Decisive. See the sun in a red ball slowly stretch down and touch the edge of the water and then move to e great. As the final phase of nature. The hundreds of looking at life more impressed. Before this giant phase will be sufficiently explicit Am ึ down and see foreign subsidiaries rose from the seat pan.
Current Phromthep. Become a source for a session of Thai tourists and Inter. Enough in the evening. It will come together here without an agreement. Driving the tour bus parked a van loaded with the same land. Become a fan on the market to sell their high content of Phuket Island. But after sunset, passed all kinds of cars are coming down the hill at the same time. Then it went to normal. Prom Thep Cape is a vibrant environment in the period, but only 2-3 hours before sunset itself.
Phromthep charm. To write about how elegant it would be pointless. If you do not agree that their own eyes. And I personally see that it is the view of the most beautiful sunsets in Thailand. Moreover, Thai people will be impressed then. Immigration has nothing to admire a pearl. Because if more tourists come here then. No less a tourist who thought Phromthep seems important program of tourism on the island.
Some people say Laem Phrom Thep. A gem that gives additive Phuket or the nickname "Pearl of the Andaman Sea" is worth more.
Phuket is the only province with a landscape island. The level of tourist places. Before this popular size. Is an important place, and is only known a few. I first started with the famous Pearl Culture. Pearl is a world-class quality. A beautiful beach and sea supply diving. Have a beautiful vantage point. Laem Phrom Thep is. And the general environment around the island is a natural addition, many of the sun. Foreigners who visit either impressed. And that they nicknamed the "Pearl of the Andaman" Pearl of the Andaman Sea.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Khao Sok

If you love peace But have a limited time only during the weekends. Let's introduce the tourist attractions the city atmosphere. Chinese in Thailand (Not to be surprised. We speak correctly) that you can relax amidst the cool waters. With inhaled the fragrance of flowers surrounding Nanapan. No need to delve a bag to travel far to China really Because today we are brought together breathtaking at Khao Sok National Park. Surat Thani Province. Who certifies that the passion is hiking. Scenic cruise or indeed desirable.

Khao Sok National Park, Surat Thani Province. One of the largest tropical rain forest land in the south. Nature of the mountain is filled with intricate limestone canyon with waterfalls, caves and streams, many grooves. Rich with rare plants such as palm world after several white pieces Rahoo bucket, forty, etc., and over 155 bird species live in forest surrounding the center of Khao Sok jungle. The most unique attractions is the dam began. (Chiew Larn dam) caused by the canal, blocking the light. And the views of the lake is larger than one hundred thousand farm where you can enjoy traveling both by land. Water and fully Whether it is hiking assorted birds look pretty, cave coral With all the atmosphere under a lush rainforest under ultra high mountains forever. Praduh mountain fortress. This is the origin of many endemic species of land under People who like hiking activities on foot to various waterfalls. Caused by river flow in the canal disc is hierarchical layers beautifully and do not miss to watch Lotus wrong. The largest flower in the world. You will find a watch over the other. The attractions Khao Sok is known for its tourism activities, hiking Beyผud visit most.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Attractions Dream World.

Recommended attractions Dream World. I think fun to play Sky router Coast to enjoy exciting new roller coaster. Rising to the sky as you take. Flying into the air. For those who want to try a sensitivity test was extremely offline, but if a new disease Aqua pressure or heart disease. I do not strictly offline. Siew, because it really As we get out of each player ever. This is all about building 10-storey height for myself offline. But if the building met the international 100 class it was, then I take a breath to play Sky cattle Foster also try looking to see a hurricane's storm was an inspirational style of fun. Friends to take sides glide in mid-air somersault. On 20 meters higher than sit like a player. Fun with two exponentially with a sense of Viking House, plus roller coaster. Only bad camera battery started to take it out and then reflect not. Then I try to play more. Feel that what's not early. Think it exciting fight Sky Coast Peter was certainly not wrong, but then I thought ShunZhi. The first round I just shave Shopping Enough said. Born can not think what made me what was this much excitement. Well, for 'You want to know what attractions are Dreamworld please contact I direct it offline. I enjoy dancing like Tun Dreamworld machine known as a hurricane the same time to try it.

Take your friends to visit Chiang Mai Zoo.

The famous tourist attractions of Chiang Mai that has it all.
Thought to see Ping Lin a bit crowded with a child really Trips stuff very long queue.
I decided not to see and Lin Ping. Then I walked round the zoo, take a bit to watch offline.

Look offline that high fences, this shirt just Belly of only about myself excellently.
Which can jump to play with people at all. I do not want to think that I would take this shirt jumps out and play people will be like.
If you want to see a real need at all to see the Chiang Mai Zoo.

How are they offline, please follow our New Year 2554 I will take them to see over again, like always. But it would have to go offline tracking.
Let believes that pop as many sights Of course people are interested.
And before the parties do not forget. Site visit Chiang Mai Zoo.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Anacondas in amazon

Anacondas are large, non-venomous boas Eunectes of the genre. They occur in tropical America. 

The best known species is the green anaconda, murinus Eunectes known as one of the largest tubes. Green anacondas can reach more than 5.21 meters (17 feet) long and weighs 97.5 kg (215 lb),. They are east of the Andes of Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil and Trinidad.
Second anaconda anacondas are yellow, notaeus Eunectes a smaller species in eastern Bolivia, southern Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina north-east, with the dark spotted Anaconda, Eunectes deschauenseei a rare species in northern Brazil, the coast of French Guiana and Guyana, and the Bolivian anaconda, beniensis Eunectes, which was first discovered in 2002 in the floodplains of the province of Pando in Bolivia. The anaconda was the first new species since 1936, becoming only the fourth type of reptile known as the WWF.
The four species of aquatic snakes which feed on other aquatic animals, including fish, poultry River, caimans and capybaras. Some items are goat breeding anacondas hunt [citation needed] and ponies [citation needed] to venture near the water.
While the encounter between man and anacondas can be dangerous, we're not ordinary people hunt. Yet the threat of an anaconda trope known comics, movies and stories of adventure in the Amazon jungle. Anacondas have a role in the folklore of South America, where they are sometimes portrayed as mysterious creatures called variable geometry Encantado. Local communities and European explorers accounts giant anacondas, snakes on a legendary proportion much larger than a confirmation of the test.
Applied loose term "Anaconda" also refers to all the great serpent "smash" their prey by squeezing

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Code : Create Global temporary tables

create global temporary table gtt_ (
  x_ varchar2(100)
) on commit delete rows;

create table t_ (
  x_ varchar2(100)

exec redo_diff.diff_it;

  i number;
  for i in 1 .. 1000 loop
    insert into gtt_ values(dbms_random.string('a',99));
  end loop;

exec redo_diff.diff_it;

  i number;
  for i in 1 .. 1000 loop
    insert into t_ values(dbms_random.string('a',99));
  end loop;

exec redo_diff.diff_it;

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